C3 History (1968-1982)

Body Style: - 2-door coupe and convertible
Type: - sports car
Transmission: - 2-speed automatic powerglide, 3-speed and 4-speed manual transmission.
Engines used in between 1968-1982;
327 in³ V8 small block engine
This engine was used during 1968-1969 and the output power of the engine is about 300 hp to 350 hp.
350 in³ V8 small block engine
This engine was used in between 1969-1982 and the output power of the engine is about 300 hp to 200 hp.
427 in³ V8 Big-Block engine
This engine was used in between 1968-1969 and the output power of the engine is about 390 hp to 400 hp.
427 in³ V8 Big-Block Tri-power engine
This engine was used in between 1968-1969 and the output power of the engine is about 435 hp.
427 in³ ZL1 aluminumV8 engine
This engine was used in between 1969-1970 and the output power of the engine is about 550 hp to 390 hp.
454 in³ V8 Big-Block engine
This engine was used in between 1971-1974 and the output power of the engine is about 425 hp to 275 hp.
305 in³ LG4 V8 engine
This engine was used in the year 1980 and the output power of the engine is about 180 hp.

The Chevrolet Corvette C3 is a sports car that has been manufactured by Chevrolet between 1968-1982.

During its period, the Corvette C3 is considered as one of America most valuable car and the third largest running car in the Corvettes series. The car was designed by Larry Shinoda, an automotive designer who also designed the Ford Mustang.

The first Corvette C3 consisted of a 350 in³ 5.7 L V8 engine that delivered an output power of 430 hp and it was priced at $4,700. In the year 1970, the car contained an enlarged engine of 454 in³ 7.4 L Big-Block V8 engines that delivered an output power of 390 hp.

Also, over the years, powerglide automatic transmission in 1968, three speed manual and four speed manual transmission in 1970, emission controls in 1971, removable rear window in 1972, radial tires, plastic front bumpers and chrome rear bumpers in 1973, optional alloy wheels in 1976, Indy 500 Pace Cars edition in 1978 and L83 cross-fire fuel-injected engine have been introduced in the Corvette C3 series.

Special Versions:

Collector Version

The Collector Version was introduced in the year 1982 that contained a TBI fuel injected engine which delivered an output power of 200hp, also aluminum wheels were placed, and special color was applied. A total of 6,759 Collector Version has been launched at a starting price of $22,537.59.

Indianapolis 500 Pace Cars

This version was launched for the Indianapolis 500-Mile Race. The car consisted of a rear spoiler, stickers on the rear fender wells and tinted glass t-tops. Chevrolet first thought of manufacturing 300 cars in this version, but due to its demand, a total of 6,502 cars have been manufactured.

  • The Corvette's first major restyling since 1963 occurred in 1968.
  • As the sales brochure read, "Corvette '68... all different all over"
  • The fast-back was replaced by a tunneled-roof coupe.
  • It featured a removable back window and a two-piece detachable roof section or T-top.
  • The convertible's optional hardtop had a glass rear window.
  • The front end was more aerodynamic than those on previous Corvettes.
  • As before, the headlights were hidden.
  • Now they were vacuum-operated, rather than electrical.
  • The wipers also disappeared when not in use.
  • Except for the rocker panels, the sides were devoid of chrome.
  • Conventional door handles were eliminated and in their place were push buttons.
  • The blunt rear deck contained four round taillights with the word Corvette printed in chrome in the space between them.
  • The wraparound, wing-like rear bumper and license plate holder treatment resembled that used on the 1967 models.
  • Buyers had their choice of 10 exterior colors
  • Tuxedo Black
  • Polar White
  • Corvette Bronze
  • LeMans Blue
  • International Blue
  • Cordovan Maroon
  • Rally Red
  • Silverstone Silver
  • British Green
  • Safari Yellow
  • All convertibles came with a choice of Black, White or Beige soft tops.
  • Interior colors were
  • Black
  • Red
  • Medium Blue
  • Dark Blue
  • Dark Orange
  • Tobacco
  • Gunmetal


RPO 898Genuine leather seat trim$79
RPO A01Soft-Ray tinted glass, all windows$15.80
RPO A31Electric power windows$57.95
RPO A82Headrests$42.15
RPO A85Custom shoulder harness$26.35
RPO C07Auxiliary hardtop for convertible$231.75
RPO C08Vinyl cover for auxiliary hardtop$52.70
RPO C50Rear window defroster$31.60
RPO C60Air conditioning$412.90
RPO F41Special front and rear suspension$36.90
RPO G81Positraction rear axle, all ratios$42.35
RPO J50Power brakes$42.15
RPO J56Special heavy-duty brakes$384.45
RPO K66Transistor ignition system$73.75
RPO L36427-cd 390-hp V-8$200.15
RPO L68427-cid 400-hp V-8$305.50
RPO L71427-cid 435-hp V-8$437.10
RPO L81427-cid 435-hp V-8$437.10
RPO L79327-cid 350-hp V-8$105.35
RPO L88427-cid 560-hp V-8$947.90
RPO M20Four-speed manual transmission$184.30
RPO M21Four-speed close-ratio manual transmission$184.30
RPO M22Heavy-duty close-ratio four-speed manual transmission$263.30
RPO M35Turbo Hydra-Matic automatic transmission$226.45
RPO N11Off-road exhaust system$36.90
RPO N36Telescopic steering wheel$42.15
RPO P01Bright metal wheel cover$57.95
RPO PT6Red stripe nylon tires F70 x 15$31.30
RPO PT7F70 x 15 white stripe tires$31.35
RPO UA6Alarm system$26.35
RPO U15Speed-warning indicator$10.55
RPO U69AM-FM radio$172.75
RPO U79Stereo radio$278.10

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