C2 History (1963-1967)

Body Style: - 2-door coupe and convertible
Class: - sports car
Specifications of engines in between 1963-1967
327 in³ V8 small block engine:
Output power of the engine is about 250 hp to 365 hp in between the years 1963-1967.

327 in³ Fuel injection V8 small block engine:
Output power of the engine is about 340 hp to 365 hp in between the years 1963-1967.
396 in³ Big-Block V8 engine:
Output power of the engine is about 360 hp to 375 hp in between the years 1963-1967.
427 in³ Big-Block V8 engine: -
Output power of the engine is about 390 hp to 425hp in between the years 1963-1967.
427 in³ Big-Block Tri PowerV8 engine:
Output power of the engine is about 400 hp to 435hp in between the years 1963-1967.

The Chevrolet Corvette C2 is a sports car that has been manufactured by Chevrolet from 1963-1967.

The Corvette C2 consisted of a 327 in³ V8 small block engine that delivered an output power of 360 hp and later in the year 1964, it was improved to 375 hp. In the year 1965, a new 396 in³ 6.5 L V8 engine was introduced, which delivered an output power of 425 hp and this engine also marked the end of Rochester fuel injection system due to its high cost.

In between the years 1963-1966, air conditioning, telescopic wheels, AM-FM radio, head rests and leather upholstery were available options. In the year 1965, disc brakes were introduced for the first time and side exhaust pipes were available as an option. In the year 1966, the Corvette C2 featured a 427 in³ 7 L V8 engine that delivered an output power of 430hp.

In the year 1962, a lightweight sports model of the Corvette C2 has been launched which was driven by the famous race drivers A.J. Foyt, Jim Hall and Roger Penske. This sports version car also recorded a victory at Watkins Glen in the year 1963, August 24th.

The Corvette C2 stood in the fifth place on the “Top Sports Cars of the 1960s” in the Sports International Magazine in the year 2004.

  • The Corvette received major restyling in 1963 including a divided rear window for a new "split-window" fastback coupe.
  • The sides of the front fenders, behind the wheel openings, were decorated with two long, horizontal "wind split" indentations or louvers that were designed to look like brake cooling ducts, although they were not functional.
  • The rear deck treatment resembled that of the previous year's model but the rest of the car appeared totally new.
  • The twin side-by-side headlights were hidden in an electrically-operated panel
  • This was more then a styling gimmick, as it added to the car's basic aerodynamic design.
  • The recessed fake hood louvers were another matter.
  • Front fender louvers, vents on the roof side panels (of the fastback split-window sport coupe) and ribbed rocker panel molding were styling features used on the sides of the new Corvette.
  • The interior had circular gauges with black faces.
  • There was storage space under the seats of early models.
  • Among the standard equipment was
  • windshield washer
  • carpeting
  • outside rearview mirror
  • dual exhaust
  • tachometer
  • electric clock
  • heater and defroster
  • cigarette lighter
  • safety belts
  • Seven interior colors were offered
  • Black
  • White
  • Silver
  • Silver-Blue
  • Daytona Blue
  • Red
  • Tan
  • For the first time since 1957, a Beige softtop was available
  • Seven exterior colors were available
  • Tuxedo Black
  • Ermine White
  • Riverside Red
  • Silver Blue
  • Daytona Blue
  • Saddle Tan
  • Sebring Silver
  • All were available with a Black, White, or Beige soft top.


RPO 898Genuine leather seat trim$80.70
RPO A01Soft-Ray tinted glass, all windows$16.15
RPO A02Soft-Ray tinted glass windshield$10
RPO 431Electric power windows$59.20
RPO C07Auxiliary hardtop for convertible$236.75
RPO C48Heater and defroster deletion$100 credit
RPO C60Air conditioning$421.80
RPO F40Special front and rear suspension$37.70
RPO G81Positraction rear axle, all ratios$43.05
RPO G91Special 3.08:1 "highway" ratio rear axle$2.20
RPO J50Power brakes$43.05
RPO J56Sintered metallic brakes$37.70
RPO K66Transistor ignition system$65.35
RPO L75327-cid 300-hp V-8$53.80
RPO L76327-cid 365-hp V-8$107.60
RPO L84327-cid 375-hp fuel-injected V-8$538.40
RPO M20Four-Speed manual transmission$188.30
RPO M35Powerglide automatic transmission$199.10
RPO N0336-gallon fuel tank for coupe only$202.30
RPO N11Off-road exhaust system$37.70
RPO N34Woodgrained plastic steering wheel$16.15
RPO N40Power steering$75.35
RPO P48Special cast aluminum knock-off wheels$322.80
RPO P91Nylon tires, 6.70 x 15 black sidewall$15.70
RPO P92Rayon tires, 6.70 x 15 white sidewall$31.55
RPO T86Back-up lamps$10.80
RPO U65Signal-seeking AM radio$137.75
RPO U69AM-FM radio$174.35
RPO Z06Special performance equipment for "split-window" coupe$1,818.45

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