C1 History (1953-1962)

Body Style: - 2-door convertible
Type: - sports car
Transmission: - 2-speed automatic powerglide

Specifications of 1955 Six and Eight Cylinder Engine: -
Engine: - 235 in³ inline 6-engine and 265 in³ V8 small block
Transmission: - 2-speed automatic powerglide and 3-speed manual
Specifications of 1956 to 1962 model Eight cylinder engine: -
Engine: - 265 in³ V8 small block, 283 in³ V8 small block and 327 in³ V8 small- transmblock
Transmission: - 2-speed automatic powerglide, 3-speed manual and 4-speed manual

The Chevrolet Corvette C1 is a sports car that has been manufactured by Chevrolet during the years 1953-1962.

The Corvette C1 is built in Flint, Michigan and most of them are hand built. The outer body of the car was made of fiberglass due to the scarcity of steel that has been left during the Korean War in those days. The car consists of a six cylinder engine with two speed automatic power-glide transmission and drum brakes on all the wheels. The car also delivers increased output due to the triple carburetor; it is also higher in comparison with the Italian and British sports cars in those days. Later in the year 1954, Paxton supercharger was available as an option that improved the straight line performance. Also manual transmission was available from the year 1955.

C1 CorvetteThe Second Generation Corvette C1 was the first to use gasoline engine. The Corvette C1 consisted of a 283 in³ 4.6 L V8 engine that delivered an output power of 283 hp. In the year 1962, the capacity of the engine was enlarged making it up to 327 in³ 5.4 L V8 that delivered an output power of 360 hp. Also in between the years 1956-1957, four speed manual transmission, power windows, suspensions and heavy brakes and power convertible top were available options.

A total of 69,015 Corvette C1 cars have been manufactured between the years 1953-1962. The first Corvette C1 can also be seen in the Museum of Kerbeck Corvette, Atlantic City.

  • The badge on the front of the 1961 Corvette was a crossed flag over a "V."
  • A refined, thin, vertical and horizontal bar grille and duck-tail rear end treatment with four cylindrical taillights quickly set the new 1961 Corvette apart from its predecessor.
  • This design was a predecessor to the Sting Ray coming in 1963 and added more space to the Corvette's trunk.
  • The rear emblem had a spun silver background with the crossed flags over a "V" design and the words "Chevrolet Corvette."
  • The exhaust now exited under the car, rather than through bumper ports.
  • Standard equipment included
  • tachometer
  • seat belts
  • sun visors
  • dual exhaust
  • carpeting
  • electric clock
  • an outside rearview mirror
  • a lockable rear-seat storage area
  • a new aluminum radiator
  • A temperature-controlled radiator fan was also made standard.
  • Seven exterior colors were available:
  • Tuxedo Black (Black or White soft top)
  • Ermine White (Black or White soft top)
  • Roman Red (Black or White soft top)
  • Sateen Silver (Black or White soft top)
  • Jewel Blue (Black or White soft top)
  • Fawn Beige (Black or White soft top)
  • Honduras Maroon (Black or White soft top)


Additional cove color$16.15
RPO 101Heater$102.25
RPO 102Signal-seeking AM radio$137.75
RPO 276Five 15 x 5.5-inch wheelsN/C
RPO 2906.70 x 15 White sidewall tires$31.55
RPO 313Powerglide automatic transmission$199.10
RPO 419Auxiliary hardtop$236.75
RPO 426Electric power windows$59.20
RPO 441Direct-Flow exhaust systemno charge
RPO 468V-8 283-cid 270-hp dual four-barrel carburetor engine$182.95
RPO 469283-cid 245-hp dual four-barrel carb V-8 engine$150.65
RPO 353V-8 283-cid 275-hp fuel-injection engine$484.20
RPO 354V-8 283-cid 315-hp fuel-injection engine$484.20
RPO 473Power-operated folding top mechanism$161.40
RPO 675Positraction axle with optional ratio$43.05
RPO 685Four-speed manual transmission$188.30
RPO 686Metallic brakes$37.70
RPO 687Heavy-duty brakes and suspension$333.60
RPO 1408Five 6.70 x 15 Nylon tires$15.75
RPO 1625A24-gallon fuel tank$161.40

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